YouTube Kids announces new measures to safeguard children from inappropriate videos

ASIA – On Friday, YouTube Kids made an announcement that new measures have been installed for parents if they find kids watching inappropriate videos at home even by mistake.

Parents will now be able to report inappropriate videos to Youtube which will then be reviewed by a policy team.

If the user is signed in while reporting a video, it will also be blocked from the YouTube Kids app, said the company in a statement.

Parents will also be able to customise the contents in the YouTube Kids app in selected countries by signing into the application and blocking videos or channels they do not wish their children to watch.

Users will also be able to create a profile for each kid and choose between younger or older content levels to manage the types of videos they will be able to watch. Kid profiles work across all different devices.

Should parents wish to restrict their children’s experiences to a more limited set of content, they can simply turn off Search using the parental settings.

“Regardless of the status of Search in your app, there is a chance that your child will find content that you don’t want them to watch. If this happens, you can notify YouTube by flagging the video,” said the statement.

With over 800 million learning video views per day , YouTube is currently live in 37 countries.

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