Zambia’s former president’s Facebook account deactivated

Zambia’s former President Edgar Lungu’s Facebook account has been deactivated.

Zambians on Twitter say the account was deactivated because of cyber bullying.

People had been making mean comments on Lungu’s Facebook page that had more than one million likes.

The former head of state’s Twitter account is still available with some comments on his religious posts mocking him.

Lungu’s Twitter account has fewer followers – around 167,000.

According to a youth leader in the new ruling party, it was sad that Lungu had had to take down his Facebook account and he urged people not to attack the former President online.

“Our differences with him were never personal but with the policies he pursued,” said Joseph Kalimbwe in a Twitter post.

“The public must shift from attacking him online and move with us towards the path of nation building!”

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