Zambia’s opposition leader alleges assassination plot

Zambia – The leader of Zambia’s biggest opposition party, Hakainde Hichilema, has alleged that the government is plotting to kill him.

Hichilema is facing accusations of using his position as a consultant during the country’s privatisation of state-owned entities to enrich himself.

The accusations are spearheaded by former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi who is now the leader of another opposition party.

Hichilema has denied any wrongdoing.

Although the privatisation took place in the in the 1990s, the government has said it is “disturbed” by the accusations.

Hichilema on Monday said there was more to the accusations.

“The truth is they want to have access to my physical body so that they can eliminate me. Their plan is to arrest and then kill me. But do l have to die for anyone to be in power?” he said in a statement.

He accused the ruling Patriotic Front party of getting desperate ahead of next year’s general elections.

“If offering myself to serve the country that l love so much and growing increasingly popular are grave offences for which l must lose my life, so be it. I am not afraid,” added Hichilema.

Information minister and government spokesperson Dora Siliya on Monday said the government was studying the accusations “and is following closely the reaction by the citizens who are the true owners of the property in question.”


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