Zille finally gets SANDF back-up

CAPE TOWN – Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has finally got the support from SANDF to combat crime in Cape-Town’s gang-ravaged communities.

Zille’s efforts to include SANDF to intervene in Cape Town’s gang-wars were turned down for several times but her prayers were finally answered.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula on Tuesday backed the premier by also appealing to SANDF to support the police and put an end to these acts of terrorism.

Mbalula promised to liberate people from their “prisons of fear” saying the police department in conjunction with the SANDF will do everything in their power to combat crime across Cape Town.

Spokesperson for the SANDF, Brigadier-General Mafi Mgobozi, said they were ready to help the police to create peace and order in gang-infested areas.

However, Mgobozi said they were waiting to be given authority to do so by the president, Jacob Zuma.

“The president of the country has the authority to give the order. We have seen the request made by minister Mbalula, but there has not been anything formal…we are ready and waiting to be deployed to the provinces,” Mgobozi said in a statement.

Zille welcomed the response by Mbalula and SANDF saying, “it was a step in the right direction,” although she feels a more permanent solution was needed.

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