Zim president vows to get the country’s economy back on track

Harare – Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwean president made his first State of the Nation Address (SONA), he introduced business plans that will help attract investors and put the country’s economy back on track.

He also said that the post Mugabe government is trying by all means to make sure that the country is conducive for business.

President Mnangagwa will arrive to South Africa on Thursday, where he will be expected to talk to possible investors. This will be his first trip outside his country since he sworn as a president.

Since he has taken over the office, his main is on reviving the country’s economy.

“My government is committed to open Zimbabwe up to investment by building a free, and transparent economy which benefits Zimbabweans and is welcoming to outsiders.”

According to him, to achieve this stakeholders need to work closely together to build a strong economy that will not only benefit the current generation but that will also benefit the future generation.

“SOEs have been for a long time an albatross around the government’s neck owing to, inter alia, poor corporate governance, under-capitalisation, unsustainable salaries and allowances, and excessive borrowing.

“A full programme of the reforms shall be unveiled during the first quarter of 2018,” he said.

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