Zimbabwe awaits a new president

Harare – President designate and Zanu-PF first secretary will today be sworn in as the country’s Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Thousands of Zimbabweans are expected to attend the occasion to be held at the giant National Sports Stadium in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will be witnessing its second president since independence in 1980, after long-ruler Comrade Robert Mugabe handed in his resignation letter on Tuesdayputting an end to his 37-year old authoritarian rule.

The ceremony is scheduled to kick off at 09h20am this morning with the focus on the arrival of dignitaries, while the main man Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife expected to arrive at 10h30.

Government yesterday availed 125 buses to carry people in all the 10 provinces of the country to the stadium and also urged employers countrywide to allow workers to attend the historic moment in Zimbabwe.

Dignitaries to be present include the Mayor of the City of Harare, Commander of the Defence Forces, Service Chiefs, the Central Committee and the Politburo -Diplomatic Corps, Members of the House of Assembly, the Prosecutor-General and the Attorney-General, judges of the Supreme and High courts, the Chief Justice, the speaker of the National Assembly and the president of the Senate, government ministers as well as visiting former and present heads of state.

National Assembly speaker advocate Jacob Mudenda said all opposition parties are welcomed to attend the event as “Zimbabwe opens a new chapter engendering the spirit of togetherness.”

The Commander of the Defence Forces and the Service Chiefs are also set to address Emmerson Mnangagwa for the first time.

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