Zimbabwe awaits new leader after Mugabe’s shock resignation

JOHANNESBURG – Millions of Zimbabweans around the globe await for a new leader to be sworn in after a historic and unexpected resignation of long time President Robert Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe ended his 37-year reign of authoritarian rule as his resignation letter was read in parliament on Tuesday, sparking wild celebrations across the country. Many Zimbabweans were ecstatic and couldn’t believe the news.

Zimbabweans has blamed the 93-year old president for socio-economic and political instability in the country, and hope the upcoming president will do a better job and retain Zimbabwe’s status as the bread basket of Africa, as it was initially known.

Although millions of Zimbabweans are happy with the resignation, most of them believe that Emmerson Mnangagwa is not the rightful candidate to rule the country given his historic background which is much synonymous with that of Robert Mugabe.

One of the Zimbabweans living in South Africa has this to say, “We are very happy as Zimbabweans that Bob (Mugabe) has fallen, it’s a right step but I don’t think Mnangagwa has what it takes to transform the fortunes of the country, it’s just replacing a devil with a killer.”

Most Zimbabweans shared the same sentiments saying Mnangagwa and Mugabe are not different, adding that they hope the army will do the right thing and allow free, fair and credible elections come July next year.

Others say they do not care who takes over as interim president for the time being as long as it is not Grace Mugabe.

Many Zimbabweans in South Africa are also hoping to go back home the moment things start to materialise, saying they have degrees, diplomas and national certificates but they are working for peanuts in South Africa.

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