Zimbabwe Bans Imported Fruits and Vegetables

HARARE – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has banned the imported fruits and vegetables in the country.

This decision is going to be with immediate effect. Agriculture Minister Joseph Made told reporters of this decision by the president Robert Mugabe.

The Zimbabwean currency has been decreasing for many years now. There have been efforts by other countries to assist this country.

Zimbabwe abandoned their own currency in 2009 and took up the US dollar. The currency continues to decrease.

Banning of imported fruits and vegetables is a strategy to change the currency situation from worsening.

President Robert Mugabe does not want any more money leaving the country. Zimbabwe will use the money that they previously used to purchase fruits and vegetables, to buy fertilizers.

The president was quoted saying that the foreign currency that was being wasted on the importation of carrots and grapes will now be used towards the purchase of more fertilizers and pesticides.

The country will now have rely on local farmers for fruits and vegetables. This also means that they will be supporting and growing businesses.

The ban might not be permanent as the minister did not say how long it would be for.

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