Zimbabwe’s elections will go ahead after blast rally

Harare-Zimbabwe’s presidential spokesperson is ruling out an election delay or a state of emergency after an explosion at the president’s campaign rally on Saturday that state media has called an assassination attempt.

George Charamba speaking to state-run Sunday Mail newspaper said that the historic July 30 vote will go ahead despite the explosion that occurred moments after President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed a stadium crowd in Bulawayo, the area is a strong opposition area.

According to official authorities 41 people, including both of Zimbabwe’s vice presidents, were injured in the blast that Mnangagwa said it occurred just “inches” from him. The dramatic footage showed him walking off the stage and into a crowded tent, then a explosion happened seconds later, sending up smoke as people screamed and ran for cover.

The president was not injured and he said that he has had numerous attempts on his life in the past, it has become a norm in his life.

No arrests have been reported.

Photo Credit- Newser

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