Zimbabwe First Lady Donates New Underwear

HARARE – Zimbabwean First Lady, Grace Mugabe donated underwear to Zanu-PF supporters but has been accused of donating her used underwear to the public and thus insulting them.

The accusations were made by News Day Reporter Kenneth Nyangani.

The reporter was arrested on Monday with on charges of being a ‘criminal nuisance’. Kenneth Nyangani has made accusations that the underwear that was donated by the ruling party MP Esau Mupfumi to the Zanu-PF supports on behalf of the First Lady was second hand.

The First Lady’s lawyers have indeed confirmed that the underwear was brand new and not second hand, according to various news sources it is reported that the First Lady is insulted that such accusations would be thrown at her.

Amongst the brand new donated goods were men’s boxers, shorts, some pairs of sandals and some T-shirts and hand bags.

Kenneth Nyangani was released on bail on Wednesday. The bail was set at $200.

The accusations did not affect just the First Lady, but also the Zanu-PF supports who were the recipients of the donated goods.

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