Zimbabwe Government Targets Mugabe’s ‘Multiple Farms’. He Might Just Be Left With Only One.

Harare – An audit of former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe’s ’14 farms’ has reportedly been issued by Zimbabwe’s Agriculture Minister, Perrance Shiri, with the intent to redistribute all but one farm.

According to the News Daily, the move falls in line with the country’s one farm per family policy.

“Minister Shiri has ordered, through our directors, that we compile a full list of the former first family‚Äôs farms and we are already doing it,” a source in the lands department revealed to the paper.

The report said the Mugabes are known to own at least 14 farms totalling up to 16 hectares.

The general anticipation was that the former first family – particurlary Mugabe-would avoid any investigation or enquiry by the new government.

An official notice was issued out by the new government regarding Mugabe’s benefits, this is after he was forced to resign last month.

First class air travel on four foreign trips per year, private houses, a seasoned army of advisors and assistants and domestic staff were one of the benefits agreed upon by the new government.

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