Zimbabwe’s army general fires warning shots to Mugabe’s Zanu PF

HARARE – The purging of cadres with a military background by the ruling party Zanu PF brought great uproar within the Defence Forces which not only offered a warning but also deployed its military vehicles.

Tensions between the ruling party and the army have been boiling ever since the former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa was sacked by his Excellence, President Robert Mugabe.

Military vehicles and tanks were seen heading to the capital Harare just a day after army chief Constantino Chiwenga fired warning shots to Mugabe’s Zanu PF that it should stop purging cadres with a military background or else the Zimbabwe Defence Forces will intervene.

It is reported that the army has sealed off not only President Robert Mugabe’s famous ‘blue house’ but has also seized the Zimbabwean Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) too.

Chiwenga promised all Zimbabweans that the army’s mandate was to protect Zimbabwe and it will not hesitate in doing so.

Political analysts believe a political coup is looming in Zimbabwe and that the army is set to take control of the country until the next president has been elected.

According to Khuluma Afrika, which describes itself as a centre for investigative journalism and current affairs, secret service personnel were on Tuesday dispatched to monitor the movements of the president and his family.

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