Zimbabwe’s Vice President Mnangagwa removed from his post

HARARE – Mr Mnangagwa has been excused from being vice president of Zimbabwe as he had displayed “traits of disloyalty”, the country’s government announced.

The 75 year old’s removal may have been for the reason that President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace, will follow in her husband’s footsteps as leader of the Zimbabwean nation. Grace had called on her husband to excuse the vice president from his position.

“Mr Mnangagwa’s conduct in discharge of his duties is inconsistent with the responsibilities,” the information minister reported.

The president claimed that Mnangagwa had exhibited traits of disloyalty, which is his reason to firing him. His execution means that Grace Mugabe is to be named vice-president at a special congress of the ruling Zanu-PF party next month.

“The snake must be hit on the head. We must deal with the real snake behind the factions and discord in the party. We are going for the congress as a united party,” said Grace, addressing the members of various church groups, in Harare.

Earlier this year, they accused Mnangagwa’s supporters of heckling Mrs Mugabe at a rally in the second city, Bulawayo and denounced them as rebels. The youth league of the ruling party called on the president to fire the vice president to be replaced by the first lady of Zimbabwe.

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