Zimkhitha Nyoka on being cast as a teenager

JOHANNESBURG- Zimkhitha Nyoka has become synonymous with teenage roles, but is grateful that she’s not actually a teenager in an industry that can be a “dangerous and abusive space”.

The actress said even though she was lucky to land into productions where she was protected from things like couch casting requests and all sorts of harassment, she’s seen other young people go through it.

“I’ve experienced some crew members basically abusing background artists on set. Because mostly its children, you know young people looking for experience in the industry or trying to make extra cash. Then you have all these powerful people who just prey on them because they can

She also explained that even though she’s all for youth empowerment, she often thought about some of the story lines she has to act out and was glad she’s older. She added that she thought about some of the roles, how to act in some of them if you were 17, it will probably not make you comfortable enough to act it out.

The 27-year old actress said she was grateful to be playing young roles and said she was yet to receive complaints from young talents about hogging all “their roles”.

Nyoka added that the physiological effects of embodying someone as an actor are also a lot easier to deal with when you are more experienced, both as an actor and as a person.

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