Zuma’s first wife, MaKhumalo wasn’t told the ‘painful’ news of new wife

DURBAN- It was reported by Sunday Times that Jacob Zuma’s first wife, Sizakele Khumalo-Zuma only discovered that her husband had planned to take a seventh wife when the news broke in the media.

The first wife Sizakele Khumalo also known as Makhumalo has although accepted bride-to-be, Nonkanyiso Conco.

Sunday Times reported that Zuma was going to inform her but the media story come out first.

They quoted a source saying, ”¬†MaKhumalo accepted it even though it was painful. ”

It is still unknown how much lobola was paid.

Jacob Zuma brother, Jopseh Zuma said his brother confirmed his relationship with his new bride to be, he said, “I spoke to him directly and he explained that she is his and he does not have any problem with the family,”

Joseph Zuma added that Jacob Zuma had sent envoy’s to Conco home to negotiate lobola on his behalf, “As a family we don’t have a problem with their relationship,” .

“We’re very happy. My brother likes women and he is an isoka [a man with an uncanny ability to win the hearts of many women], like myself. We take after our grandfather, who also liked to charm women,”

Another insider stated the wedding won’t be anytime soon, because Jacob Zuma’s son, Mxolisi Saady Zuma, who has already paid lobola for Swazi princess Ziyanda Dlamini, will have to tie the knot first. The insider said, “It’s definitely not this year. Saady will have to get married first because we have already sent izibizo [gifts given to the bride’s family] to Swaziland.

“And for ubaba to get married we still have to send izibizo to Matatiele and MaKhumalo because she is the first wife will be in charge of [handing over gifts].”

Shayimamba Conco, family spokesperson said, “I wish to confirm that lobola was paid, and timeously in accordance with our practices and culture. Our family have kept this matter and their relationship private and to this end information regarding lobola payment has only been known to the appropriate members within our family.”

Photo Credit- Gallo Images/BusinessDay

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