Ukraine: US could sanction Putin personally if Russia, says Biden

January 26, 2022 News Room SA 0

US President Joe Biden says he would consider personal sanctions on Vladimir Putin if Russia invades Ukraine. Biden said there would be “enormous consequences” for […]

Central Asia blackout leaves millions without power

January 25, 2022 News Room SA 0

Millions of people were left for hours without electricity on Tuesday when a huge power blackout hit cities in three Central Asia countries. Areas of […]

UK withdrawing some embassy staff from Kyiv

January 24, 2022 News Room SA 0

The UK has begun to withdraw staff from the British embassy in Ukraine amid warnings of a Russian invasion. Officials say there have been no […]

Kazakhstan unrest: Troops told to fire without warning

January 7, 2022 News Room SA 0

Kazakhstan’s authoritarian leader says he has authorised security forces to “fire without warning” amid violent crackdown on anti-government protests. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev also said “20,000 bandits” […]

Report: North Korea successfully tested hypersonic missile

January 6, 2022 News Room SA 0

North Korea successfully tested a hypersonic missile on Wednesday, its first major weapons test this year, said a state media report. KCNA said it “precisely […]

North Korea launches ballistic missile into sea

January 5, 2022 News Room SA 0

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the sea, said South Korea’s defence minister. The launch was first reported by the Japanese coast guard […]

Police stung as beekeepers protest in Chile

January 4, 2022 News Room SA 0

Four beekeepers have been detained in Chile following a protest calling for government support for their industry. The beekeepers held a demonstration outside the presidential […]

Australia: Protesters set Old Parliament House in Canberra on fire

December 30, 2021 News Room SA 0

Australia’s former parliament building in the capital Canberra was briefly set alight on Thursday by protesters during a demonstration for Aboriginal sovereignty, said police. No […]

Hong Kong police raid news website’s office

December 29, 2021 News Room SA 0

Hong Kong police have arrested six people from an independent news website for “conspiracy to publish seditious publications”. Both current and former staff members of […]

US halves isolation time for asymptomatic infection

December 28, 2021 News Room SA 0

The United States has halved the recommended isolation time for people with asymptomatic Covid infections from 10 to 5 days. The Centre for Disease Control […]