Latest WhatsApp update: What you need to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp Channel launch globally

September 14, 2023 News Room SA 0

Meta founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced WhatsApp Channels globally to more than 150 countries. Channels promises to be a new private way to […]

Zuma vs Ramaphosa: Another blow for Jacob Zuma as High Court dismisses his leave to appeal

September 12, 2023 News Room SA 0

A full bench of the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has unanimously dismissed former president Jacob Zuma’s attempt to appeal against the setting aside of […]

BRICS countries must engage extensively about debt-driven development approach for infrastructure

August 28, 2023 News Room SA 0

Given the shift in power from unipolar to multipolar, as shown by the advancements of BRICS block countries, it is vital to investigate the debt-led […]

ADEPR hosts International Meeting, advocates for quality Christian education towards Africa 2050 Vision

August 26, 2023 News Room SA 0

In a convergence at Dove Hotel, the ADEPR Church played host to a momentous international gathering that resonates with Africa’s bold aspirations for 2050. Under […]

BRICS leaders reach consensus on currency stance

August 25, 2023 News Room SA 0

THE 15TH BRICS Summit held in South Africa has given a lifeline to Russia as there was consensus on the use of local currencies in […]

California just opened the floodgates for self-driving cars

August 18, 2023 News Room SA 0

California regulators voted last week to allow self-driving car companies Waymo and Cruise to offer 24/7 paid taxi service in San Francisco, a major win […]

If we want to be successful women leaders, we must drive a culture of change

August 18, 2023 News Room SA 0

Women used to be in the shadows of men. But now women have gained more presence and power in the workplace and leadership roles, writes […]

Stylish and refined new Mitsubishi Outlander is well worth a look

August 17, 2023 News Room SA 0

Mitsubishi has always had a reputation for solidly built and reliable vehicles that had a very loyal following, especially when you think about the now […]

10 WhatsApp tricks you probably don’t know or use — including a new ‘game-changer’ feature

August 17, 2023 News Room SA 0

In a digital era where instant messaging reigns supreme, WhatsApp continues to innovate, and as of 2023, the platform has rolled out a series of […]

Jay Israel Allegedly Joins Gold Mafia: The Controversial Connection with Uebert Angel in Zimbabwe

August 16, 2023 News Room SA 0

Startling allegations have surfaced claiming that Jay Israel, a prominent figure in the religious community, has joined forces with the infamous Gold Mafia in Zimbabwe, […]