DRC opposition lose 23 seats to Kabila’s coalition: Apex court rebuked

June 14, 2019 News Room SA 0

EEC, the Protestant Church of the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, has waded into a recent judicial ruling that led to the loss of over twenty […]


June 14, 2019 News Room SA 0

THE Chinese government has pledged to continue working with the Zambian government to grow the country’s economy. Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Li Jie, said his […]

Zambian president threatens to fine miners who break law

June 14, 2019 News Room SA 0

Zambia will fine and break ties with mining firms that fail to operate according to the southern African country’s laws, President Edgar Lungu said on […]

Uganda on high alert, send family of two who died of Ebola back to DRC

June 14, 2019 News Room SA 0

Authorities repatriated the relatives of two people who died of Ebola in Uganda back to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Thursday, including a […]

Motsepe breaks silence over Botswana ‘regime change’ claims

June 14, 2019 News Room SA 0

Mining mogul Patrice Motsepe has broken his silence over allegations of funding a regime change in Botswana saying he has no interest in the neighbouring […]


June 13, 2019 News Room SA 0

The United States Wednesday named a special envoy to Sudan to find a “peaceful” solution between demonstrators and generals, as protest leaders demanded “international guarantees” […]

Second Ebola patient dies in Uganda, two others in intensive care

June 13, 2019 News Room SA 0

A Congolese woman has become the second patient in Uganda to die of Ebola since the virus crossed the border from the Democratic Republic of […]

Stolen vehicles recovered near Zimbabwe border

June 13, 2019 News Room SA 0

A total of 10 stolen vehicles have been recovered while on the brink of crossing into Zimbabwe from South Africa in the past three months. Police in […]

Some shops open but residents wary as Sudan strike ends

June 13, 2019 News Room SA 0

Shops began to reopen in Sudan’s capital on Wednesday but many residents stayed indoors after demonstrators called off a nationwide civil disobedience campaign that had […]

Barclays employee flees with $400, 000 from vault

June 12, 2019 News Room SA 0

This is Pamela Gondwe, an employee of  Barclays Bank Longacres Branch. On Monday this week, disappeared with US400,000 Cash, the Watchdog has been briefed. She […]